Preview:UEFA European Championship - Italy VS Spain

Posted Tue, 06 Jul 2021 14:47:41 GMT        

UEFA European Championship - Italy VS Spain

Match Time: 07-07-2021 00:30 Wednesday

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Match Preview

Under the leadership of coach Mancini, Italy performed well in the UEFA European Championship of this season.Although Italy does not have superstars, Italy has taken anti-counterfeiting and transmission control to the extreme,and  Italy directly defeated the world number one team Belgium with 2-1.The 51 million euros worth of team can be ranked in the forefront of the world.


So far, Spain has not played an overwhelming score. Spain played against Croatia, the 3-1 lead was equalized, and their victory was restored in overtime. Spain faced Switzerland,with one more person, the team was unable to break through Switzerland's defense and was dragged into a brutal penalty shootout. Spain's striker is very stron. However, coach Enrique's adjustment to the defense did not yield results, conceding 5 goals. Such a weak line of defense is very dangerous for the high pass control and strong penetration of the good division in Italy.


Odds Analysis

Italy's left-back Spinazzola's injury absence is very unfavorable for the team. Because Mancini's tactical arrangements are all based on defense, first based on defense, and then infiltrated through layers of high goal control, until the opponent's defense line is torn open and the gate is broken.Although Spain has not suffered any injuries,their performance is not stable in the game.The bet365 1x2 first odds of this game are 2.50-3.10-3.00, the 1x2 live odds are 2.45-3.25-3.00. And the Kelly Criterion is 0.96-0.98-0.93.Therefore, Italy will win in this game.


Goalooin Prediction:

Italy (38.90%)

Draw (29.33%)

Spain (31.77%)