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Ban Di Tesi Iwaki
J-League Division 3
Ban Di Tesi Iwaki
Fujieda MYFC
Fujieda MYFC
  HW DW AW HWR% DR% AWR% Return% Kelly Criterion Last change Stats
  H D A HWR% DR% AWR% Return% Kelly Criterion  
The highest first odds                      
The highest odds              
The lowest first odds                      
The lowest odds              
The average first odds                      
Average odds              
 1.Home Win Rate (HWR), Draw Rate (DR), and Away Win Rate (AWR): the probability of the match will end up with home win, draw or away win, which is calculated by the live odds of home win, draw and away win. Formula: rate of return : Home win odds or Away win odds or Draw odds
 2.Rate of Return: measure the payout ratio of bookmakers, the higher rate of return means the more profits bettors can get. Formula: P = AxBxC/:AxB BxC AxC::P= rate of return ,A= Win odds, B = Draw odds:C= Loss odds.
 3.Kelly Criterion: It's commonly used to determine what percentage of bankroll should be used in each bet to maximize profits. If Kelly > Return, big risk, lower the stakes, vice versa.
 4.Help: Numbers in red color when Kelly over "1"; Time in red color when odds changed in latest 30 minutes; Click on the HWR, DR, AWR to sort the list by high and low order; Click on the odds can display the full odds trends.
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