Preview:UEFA European Championship -- Switzerland VS Spain

Posted Fri, 02 Jul 2021 15:00:47 GMT        

UEFA European Championship - Switzerland VS Spain

Match Time: 02-07-2021 21:30 Friday

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Match Preview

Switzerland performed very well in this season of UEFA European Championship.Although Switzerland FC does not have many well-known stars, the team has a very high degree of tacit cooperation between players and strong mental attributes. This is the main reason why they have been able to rank among the top 20 in the world for a long time and maintain a 70% winning rate in the near future.


Although the performance of Spain in the current European Cup is relatively average, the victory lies in good luck, and the team still remained undefeated. The final round of the group stage with Slovakia's consecutive mistakes finally won a big victory and successfully qualified in the top 16.Spain will play aginat Switzerland this game,and Spain will definitely have the advantage of possession. Their chances of attacking are still great. Judging from scoring 10 goals in the last two games, Spain’s striker is already in the best condition, and only the back line needs to be resolved.


Odds Analysis

Although Switzerland has strong mental attributes, strong perseverance and strength, so the team maybe a dark horse, but in view of the fact that their core main force Xhaka accumulates yellow card suspension, their strength is greatly reduced. The bet365 1x2 first odds of this game are 5.75-3.60-1.62, the 1x2 live odds are 5.75-3.90-1.62.And the Kelly Criterion is 0.98-0.98-0.94. Therefore, Spain is trustworthy in this game.


Goalooin Prediction:

Switzerland (16.60%)

Draw (24.48%)

Spain (58.91%)


Preview:UEFA European Championship -- Switzerland VS Spain